A Shaman’s Toolkit: A Program for All Seasons



I am thrilled to offer a complete Earth-Based Program. This course is for anyone who wishes to work with shamanic healing tools and add considerable knowledge to his/her present work.  These teachings can be integrated into your current healing form if you have one. Whether or not this would be a first step for you or you are a master of your craft, they are life- long tools, both personally and professionally.

Intention: To teach authentic, grounded, usable healing practices that include:

Energetic Healing:

Understanding healthy flow of energy in the body

Identifying energetic blocks

Learning to unblock energy in a way a client can integrate

Understanding energy centers in the body

Understanding the relationship between past and present

Understanding the interplay between the energetic centers

Identifying the energy of various physical illnesses, mental imbalances, spiritual imbalances



Use of Drum

Seeing the drum as a medicine wheel

Hearing the heartbeat of the drum

Drumming into each of the four directions

Drumming with a clear intention

Drumming to promote healing


Using rocks for Healing

Learning to feel the energy of rocks

Learning to feel the origin of a rock

Knowing what rocks can benefit what energy centers

Working with rocks that call to you

Using crystals for Healing

Learning to feel the energy of crystals

Understanding the energetic paths of crystals in the body

Using crystals to extract energy

Using crystals to balance masculine/feminine energies

Using crystals to open third eye

Crystals as protection


Sounds (both instrumental and vocal):

Sound as the origin of matter

The healing sounds of the energy centers in the body

Sound as an energy opener

Healing sounds for the body generally

Voice and instruments to move energy

Specific sounds for specific ailments

Sound as a meditation, as a portal

Hearing the sounds in nature

Singing your own song

Visualizations and Meditations:

Guided, deep internal exploration

Meeting animal guides

Meeting Spirit Guides

Understanding your internal landscape

Meeting the energy of each of the four directions

Lighting up a room, a village

Receiving healing



You will participate in The Ceremony of the North, South, East, and West Gates

You will come to know Your True Face, Your Healing Song, Your Healing Direction, Your Healing Name

How to be in Ceremony

How to conduct simple, powerful Circles


My first teacher, Patricia Spradling was part Lakota and part Irish and was adopted into the tribe as a full member. At the end of 13 years of training and practicing with her, she gave me permission to have my own practice and to share information. Seinstetseg of the Reindeer People of Mongolia gave me permission to share the teachings I learned there.

The 4 seasons offer a very potent natural container within which to explore both inner and outer landscapes of balance, movement of energy, energetic foot prints, and roots of disease and ease.  All teaching will be earth based, requiring a  dedication and commitment to spending time outside in all weather conditions for the purpose of learning safely from Earth and Sky, animals, trees, all life forms.

This year- long course will meet for 5 days each season. Participants will stay at our home, all meals provided, and will be limited to 6 students. Students must apply and be accepted. Application will include an essay and at least a half hour Skype time/interview.  All four weeks must be attended. Students will stay at our house, (three to each large room with some privacy. You will have your own mattress, table, chair, place for clothing, and a screen to give you privacy) some activities will be at night, and the whole group needs to be on the same schedule without making to and from arrangements.

I am teaching in the way I learned; directly on the land. We will be in the forest, in, on, and around the water, climbing along mountain trails, sitting by lakes, walking in open spaces. We will be out during daytime mostly, but also at night. All practices will be safe as long as you are properly dressed for the weather. Another trained practitioner will be with us when we go out at night, as well as in any remote areas we visit. You will also be given a suggested Reading List throughout the year, although this is not required.

You should only consider this course if you can integrate the time in your daily life to use these practices. In other words, come four times a year with an intention of folding some or all of these practices into your seasonal life. The cost of the program, which must be paid up front and in full by the first week of May 2016, is $5000. This includes:

160 hours of teaching plus an optional weekly phone call/check in (up to an hour…52 hours) and my availability for any urgent questions throughout the year via email.

A semi private space for sleep and journaling

Three healthy, ample meals a day and snacks

All fees for parks that we visit

Materials for class, which include a Manual that can be used for years to come, a small set of crystals, essential oils.

4 powerful Ceremonies done on a Medicine Wheel at Rokeby Estate, with 4-8 assistants. All Ceremonial materials that you will need.

Transportation to and from Woodstock for those who need it.



I am a Shaman. I have tools that you can learn. At the end of this program, you will not be a shaman, but you will have healing practices and access to nature and your body/mind/spirit in ways that will serve you and others for a lifetime.  You will have a Certificate of Shaman’s Eye Course, and many healing tools that you are competent to offer.

I am your teacher for this year. You are making a commitment to me, and I to you. As part of your commitment to me, I ask that you do not study with another Shamanic Practitioner during the year you are learning from me. As part of my commitment to you, I will keep you in my heart for the year and well beyond. As well as the in-person class hours, I will be available by phone/Skype up to an hour weekly to you, as well as by email to answer urgent questions during the year.

Please understand that, as your teacher, I am responsible for both what I teach and how you use what I teach in the world as long as you are under my guidance. Some of the skills will require a certain amount of practice on your part before you use them, others not.


The most basic format of this year long course will be the Medicine Wheel. The Medicine Wheel exists in many cultures, though this course will follow the teachings of the Lakota. The Wheel itself reflects a world view of inclusivity, where all creatures are seen as hoops in the Wheel of Life. Each season is a gate, and each gate has its teachings. There is a highly interesting overlap between these teachings and those of the Reindeer People in Mongolia, and the course will explore and include this overlapping territory both theoretically and practically.

Here is an outline of the Program, which will begin in the summer of 2017.

Calendar for Shaman’s Eye Course  2017/18

July 8th-12th     2017

Oct. 7th-11th     2017           

Jan.  6th-10th    2018

April 21st-25th  2018


During each Gate, students will receive both didactic and experiential information, and have time to integrate teachings. However, this is an intense week, and you will have several weeks following to immerse yourself in the practices. Each gate will culminate in a Ceremony done at a Medicine Wheel that is on property overlooking the Hudson on the Rokeby Estate near Tivoli in upstate New York. 4 women and a Fire Keeper will assist with each Ceremony.

The Four Seasons are based on The Lakota Medicine Wheel. Each season is a Gate. The North Gate is winter, East Gate, spring, South Gate, summer and West Gate, autumn. Although the East Gate is the Gate of Beginnings, I feel that the end of the course should be a Beginning for you. So we are starting in the South Gate.