List of Services

Energetic Reading

One-hour Energetic Readings are conducted by phone or using Skype. You will gain practical strategies as well as an overall sense of where you want to be headed at this stage of your life.

Energetic Reading $100/1 hour

Energetic Reading $130/1.5 hours

Healing Session

One to one and a half hour Healing Sessions are conducted in person, in my healing space or at another location.

During the session, you may receive information about:
-Your lineage or ancestry, or family history
-Your path or direction
-Your health
-Your relationships
-Your creativity and passion

Every session is different, based upon what is needed at that moment in time. The process will vary but the goal is always to help you connect more fully with your soul’s purpose and path. Sessions, should you choose to continue, will proceed at the pace that is right for you. Some of my clients work with me from 2 – 6 months, others revisit me over a period of years and others are more occasional. After the first session, I will make a recommendation based upon what I believe will best support your process.


Healing Session $100/1 hour

Healing Session $130/1.5 hours


I need to be present with the animal for this.

By reading the animals energetic body, I can tell you the following:

Is the animal in pain, and where

Anxious, and if so what can be of help

Happy with its food?

Wanting you to know something?

I am not an Animal Communicator

I am not a veterenarian

I am a Shaman who can read Energetic Bodies!

Price depends on issues and if I need to travel far.