As a Shamanic healer, when I embark on a journey to the Spirit World, through Cememony, I am leaving the physical world as we know it behind. It is only through connection to my drum and the voice of my assistant that I am able to safely return to the earthly realm. This work requires an ability to stay safe in another realm, and is vitally important.

The Spirit World is occupied by energies without form. It is a realm in which chaos is the order, and time and space do not exist. As a Shaman working in this realm, I am able to connect with energetic Spirits, Guides, Animal Spirits, and Ancestors who are there to help you on your life path. What happens in the realm of Spirit has a direct and significant effect on the world we know as “reality.” I see, hear, feel, smell, and sense the Spirit World. The Grandmothers and Ancestors speak to me from that world when I drum and sing, and through these communications I am able to bring information back to you.


As a Shaman, I can provide practical tools and support to help you manage times of stress and transition in life, relationships, and career. If we work together, I will take you through processes that help you step more fully into the life you came to live.

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