I am a modern Shaman trained in ancient healing ways.

I understand what it means to live in the world as a sensitive human being, to live life fully with all of its wonder and deeply difficult challenges.

I have had my share of pain and joy in life, and all of my experiences have helped inform my work as a Shaman. From early childhood, I experienced openings into the world of Spirit. Growing up in the beautiful lap of the Rocky Mountains, I made friends with the rocks, trees and earth who became my constant companions and protectors.

I saw, heard, and felt Spirits. I often became very ill, with high fevers; during these bouts, I visited another world. Over many years and with the support of the teachers who were sent to guide me on my path, I learned to use my gifts of intuition and psychic awareness to overcome personal obstacles, and work for the benefit of others.

My journey has taken me from the deserts of Eastern Oregon, to the rainforests of Costa Rica, and into the northern mountains of Mongolia where I have lived among the Reindeer People. Along the way I have studied with indigenous teachers and Shamanic healers who have passed on to me the roots and wisdom of their traditions. I came to be a healer. My soul’s path calls me to reach out to those who are ready to embrace their own calling.

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