I am a Shaman, and I am here to assist you in stepping fully into the life you came to live.

• Rediscover the path you were born to
• Learn to hear and trust your intuition
• Embrace your vision and bring it to life
• Improve your physical, emotional and spiritual health
• Learn to love yourself and others more fully
• Connect with the urges and internal whispers that guide you
• Find your path of passion, expression, and service
• Speak your truth and take action
• Release of that which no longer serves you

As we grow into adult hood, it’s easy to become disconnected from the journey we embarked upon at birth. For some of us, this disconnect happens as children; for others, later in life. Sometimes a strong need for security leads us away from our hearts’ true desires. At some point, we may discover that the “prescribed” paths of life, career, and relationships do not provide a deep sense of fulfillment.

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