Here’s what others are saying:

In the past several years I’ve taken workshops, participated in ceremonies, and had several private appointments with Rebecca. She was able to effectively address some serious issues for me at a time when I was desperate for help & unable to achieve that kind of healing through any other means. I have great respect for her integrity as a true shaman, healer, activist in consciousness, & speaker of the truth.

– Georgia Cammann
Spiritual Coach, Activist
Seattle, Washington

Rebecca Singer is a gifted healer and role model with a vast reach. Her direct, deeply grounded nature and gifts of spirit and insight have helped countless individuals across the globe. Her strength and clarity as a woman, not just from the west, but as a woman of all lands…. allows Rebecca to touch Any Woman…Anywhere. She has this bold, beautiful, enigmatic quality and I would be thrilled to see Rebecca’s impact expand internationally, to woman of all cultures.

– Libby Bailey
Director of Your Sisters Orphanage
Tanzania, Africa

When it comes to working with healers, there are many types; some are skilled, some have compassion, some have insight and very rarely, those who contribute towards making profound emotional, spiritual mental shifts. Rebecca Singer is all of the above. She is honest, insightful, kind and truly cares about supporting each individual where they are in life. I’ve learned a lot from her as a woman, teacher, healer, kind spirit and someone who cares about making meaningful differences in the lives of everyone she comes in contact with. Never dogmatic, always open to listening, Rebecca Singer cares about letting everyone have access to a more rich, authentic meaningful life. I recommend her highly as a teacher, guide, and advisor. Her words and insights are timeless.

– Janna Lopez, Publisher
Portland Family Magazine
Portland, Oregon

Rebecca has provided me invaluable support and guidance over the past several years, during which I have repeatedly sought her help to manage some very big personal losses and life transitions. Rebecca is a Shamanic healer who is also a gifted and passionate teacher and communicator. She provides time-tested tools and practices that bring understanding and relief to those facing emotional and energetic issues that make life difficult to navigate. Having put these simple practices to work in my own life, I can attest to the life-changing results. I highly recommend Rebecca Singer to anyone who is feeling unsettled or out of balance in any aspect of life or business.

– Delila Olsson, Author
Portland, Oregon

In my quest for a deeper sense of self and to ensure I am living a mindful life I hired Rebecca to help me gain clarity. Rebecca is the real article. She is highly intuitive and really cares for her clients. She wants them to find what they need to live in balance and on purpose I am aware that teachers come and go in our lives and I am eternally grateful for what she has helped me see and for the future results of sessions yet to come!

– Scott Sadler, Coach
The Sadler Coaching Group & Sadler Wilderness Coaching
Salem, Oregon

Working with Rebecca is amazing. She maintains the highest integrity in her work and allows others to progress at their own pace. She has provided numerous life lessons and perspectives on personal and spiritual growth as well as the crystal realm and nature. Her emphasis on groundedness and the breath has been very helpful.

– Amanda Bittinger
Student of 5 Point Acupuncture
Santa Cruz, California