What is Shamanism

Ancient, Shamanic teachings and practices exist throughout the world and in many different traditions. Shamanism is based, in part, on the ancient knowledge that life is energy and that much of what exists in the world is not actually visible to most people. Because we live in a physical world in which energies often take a physical form, most people are not aware of the energetic realm we’ll refer to as the Spirit World.


A Shaman is someone who, either by birth and lineage, or serious illness, which acts as an initiation, gains the capacity to travel between the physical realm and the spiritual realm – the Spirit World. The process of moving between the worlds of earth and spirit is called journeying.


In most cases, the purpose of a Shamanic Journey is to gain information on another’s behalf… to assist with their healing process. When a Shaman travels to the spirit world, she or he will return with information regarding that person’s physical, emotional or spiritual health and well-being. With this information, the Shaman is able to guide the healing process using various practices and/or ceremonies.